Dr Tasos A Vartholomaios, MD, PhD, MFHom

Homeopathic treatment for Female and Male Infertility and for Female-Male Diseases and Health Disorders

Dr Tasos A Vartholomaios, MD, PhD, MFHom, DIHom, HMD

Medical Homeopath

Homeopathic treatment for Female and Male Infertility

from Medically Qualified Homeopath, Consultant Specialist Medical Doctor subspecialized in Gynaecologic and Fertility Disorders, with long NHS clinical experience

Dr Tasos is holder of the Diploma (DIHom) and the Postgraduate Diploma (HMD) in Homoeopathic Medicine of The British Institute of Homoeopathy, UK, Member of The Faculty of Homeopathy UK (MFHom), fully registered with GMC as Consultant Pathologist with Licence to Practise (Reg no: 7009546). Revalidated for the period 2014-2019 and appraised annually according to GMC Good Medical Practice (GMP).

Dr Tasos has developed his own specific Homeopathic Protocols and Therapeutic Plans, based on his own long and unique clinical experience for most health disorders involved in female and male infertility and in various chronic diseases, which are adapted to the individual requirements of each case according to Classic Homeopathic Principles.

His subspecialization in Gynaecologic, Pregnancy, Fertility (female and male) and Neonatal pathology and his CPD trainings in University NHS Hospitals, including Radcliffe and Nuffield NHS Trusts in Oxford, are especially important for an effective implementation of Classic Clinical Homeopathy even in most complex cases of infertility and of various chronic diseases, involving degenerating, inflammatory, neoplasmatic and autoimmune ones.

Classic Clinical Homoeopathy is a highly reputed Complementary Medicine discipline for an individualized treatment plan to give each couple the best chance for successful conception. Consultations encourage a friendly and relaxed style. Homeopathic Medicine is applied by Dr Tasos as "Complementary Medicine", without interefering with any conventional medical treatment administered, advised or indicated, complying always to medical good practice.

He consults currently at Wimpole Therapeutics Clinic, Harley Street district, London. Treatments include:

  • Fertility Homeopathic programs for couples to conceive naturally
  • Fertility Homeopathic programs adapted to forthcoming Assisted Fertility Treatment (IVF etc)
  • Fertility Homeopathic programs during Assisted Fertility Treatment (IVF etc)
  • Chronic diseases of any kind

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