Dandruff Deconstructed

in Health Directory 08 April 2016

My name is Chris and I have suffered from dandruff since early adulthood. I tried countless shampoos in the early days; a real crap shoot of random shampoos without really knowing what I was doing. Not surprisingly some gave me worse breakouts than before I shampooed. Iím sure youíve experienced all this before. Over the years Iíve been to 3 different dermatologists with three different diagnoses; Seborrheic Dermatitis, Rosacea and allergies. To be fair to the dermatologists my skin is quite complex and they were all correct! Some of the prescriptions worked, some of them didnít. My girlfriend suffers from scalp psoriasis (we make quite the coupleÖ) which gives her dandruff and she was in a very similar predicament to me.

So we both decided to do something about it and documented what active ingredients helped and what didnít, what caused a breakout and what didnít. We literally deconstructed the shampoos into their component parts, carefully documenting exactly what helped our individual needs. Thatís was the start of this site you are seeing now. With this information I decided to create database of the shampoos. The database allowed,for example, someone with seb derm to search for all shampoos designed to help them. Over time I enhanced the database allowing more complex searches. Now you can search for specialized psoriasis shampoos that donít contain fragrance or other ingredients that they may be allergic to. All in all we monitor for 92 known contact allergens.

I must state that we are completely independent. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer in any way so all our reviews are completely impartial. Sometimes a manufacturer will send us a sample for review, we will inform you of this and the review will still be honest. It canít not be Ė our review process is scientific Ė we literally deconstruct the shampoo into its components parts. As well as the performance of the shampoo we pay close attention to the ingredients, in particular the contact allergens. So if you see a good review of a shampoo chock full of nasty contact allergens then youíll know something is up.

One final thing, we do offer guidance as to what symptoms are of the various dandruff causing conditions. However if your dandruff is persistent, chronic or you donít know what is causing it then please please please visit a dermatologist or another qualified professional. The worst thing you can do is self diagnose using Google Images and persuade yourself you have ebola of the scalp or something. This site is not to be used for self diagnosis. We provide a complimentary service to the qualified professional. However once you know your dandruff causing condition then donít be a stranger! Come back and use our unique shampoo search to find your best dandruff shampoo.